Is She For Real?

Quitters.  We have all met them.  We have encountered them at one point or another in our lives. They exist.  Right now I am hoping that I am not the only one who is annoyed by quitters- the ones who do not give a 100% first before giving up.  The ones who leave you hanging with no notice.  Today I want to focus on quitters in the workplace.

No matter what your job may be or how old you are, there is a certain rule of thumb you should always follow if you are going to quit: always give a minimum two weeks notice.  I don’t care if you have worked the same job at the same place for six minutes, ten days or fifteen years.  There is a certain kind of professionalism that comes with giving a notice.  You should never leave your employer hanging; give them time to find a replacement.

If they happen to replace you prior to the end of your two weeks, hey! that’s great. Good for you! But you can guarantee you will never receive a letter of recommendation if you quit with no notice.  Quite frankly, it’s just plain rude. 

Recently I encountered a quitter who just straight baffled me.  Like legit, dumfounded—what just happened—kind of moment.  First off, if you hold a job you should understand that the professional relationship with your boss is between you and him/her.  It is not between you, him/her, your parents, best friend, grandma … anyone else.  If there is a problem at work, a form of misunderstanding, you should be the one to go directly to your boss and RESPECTFULLY express your concerns and explain the issue at hand.  Never have someone else do it for you.  You have your own voice. Use it!

Second, make an informed decision before accepting employment.  Know your salary and your work hours.  You should always have a clear understanding of what is required of you prior to accepting the job.  You cannot use the excuse “I didn’t know the job would take this much time”.  It was your job to know beforehand. 

Lastly, ALWAYS give your notice if you are planning to quit. Quitting mid-day affects others; it gives them a larger workload and requires them to pick up YOUR slack.  Don’t be rude.  Be professional.  It’s a lesson you should learn early on.  Understand it applies to any job because you always want to leave a workplace on the best note possible (unless you’re fired because then you’re just SOL but that’s your fault).  References are important if you wish to pursue a career.  You may hate this job but if you want the next job you need a good reference. 

Don’t burn your professional bridges people.  It’s extremely unwise.

Quitters really frustrate me.  It’s inconsiderate.  Maybe because I was taught the importance of acting professionally is the reason I feel so strongly about what happened this week.  But either way, two weeks notice everyone.  You’ll be happy you followed my advice.

 (I’d like to annotate that all thoughts and opinions are my own and not a reflection my workplace or fellow staff members!)


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