Twitter Told Me So

Sometimes people forget that social media is not a credible source. They take what they read on Facebook and Twitter to be facts versus rumors. Occasionally, these social networking sites provide us further insight into events and allow news to travel quickly. However, other times it is a vicious way to spread false stories and lies about people.
I’d recommend if you read something on Facebook don’t take it for fact. But more than that don’t spread it without a credible source to back up the information. Sometimes these rumors can have devastating affects on people without you even realizing it.
Recently a rumor began somewhere by word of mouth or online that a student at my college had passed away. I work for a newspaper so obviously we were attempting to fact check and find a reliable source to confirm whether what we were hearing was true or not. Twitter continued to explode with “RIP” posts and people began to mourn via Facebook.
I am thankful that we took a step back to find a secure source. The girl was still alive. Yes, some may argue that life support does not constitute as alive, but in my faith she still had a chance. I believe in miracles. Versus spreading falsities on the internet, people should have been praying hard for a miracle.
The young girl has since passed, and it is with great sadness that I write this. I may not have known her personally, but a loss on a campus is never easy and always affects many. I know my prayers are with her family and friends as they grieve.
It is unfortunate though that because of people mistaking social media as a credible source, that so many people began grieving when they could have been praying. There could have still been hope.
I know this is just one example, but this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. I remember when I was in high school someone started a mass text that one of my friends at the time had died in a car accident. Here I was balling my eyes out, trying to make sense of the matter and come to find out he was still alive and perfectly fine.
It is hard in today’s time to not take what we read online for fact versus fiction. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to take a step back and ensure your information is valid before adding fuel to the fire. Social media isn’t a credible source and it should never be used as such.


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