D3hoops: eat your words!

Let me start off by saying I don’t normally use my blog in this format. Yes, I voice my opinions and thoughts on here, but they are typically things relevant to me at the moment and only me. Typically, the things I choose to write about and have a voice for are a bit more anonymous than today’s topic. But this is where I share my voice and today I feel bothered by one specific thing: d3hoops.com.

Stereotypically, there are a lot of females who aren’t interested in sports (and even fewer interested in the genuine sport rather than just the cute boys, or girls, playing). But as a female who genuinely LOVES sports in all aspects, I take my sports very seriously. I may not play any sports anymore, I’ll be honest I never really stuck with one sport either, but that doesn’t keep me from enjoying the sporting events here at my college or on TV. During football season I live for Saturdays to watch college ball and NFL Sundays! So I’m writing this as more of a 12th (wo)man, not as a participating athlete obviously.

Almost every weekend you can find me at a sporting event. Not at a lacrosse or rugby game, sorry guys your sport is just too boring for my taste, but definitely at a basketball game as of late. I used to play basketball and senior year of high school I was a cheerleader for basketball season. It comes in a close second to football on my list of sports I love most.

I can’t pin point exactly which dynamic of the sport I love so much. A team bond is one of the most amazing things to be a part of, but as a sports photographer it’s almost just as amazing to watch. To see all the pieces come together on the court and witness a player’s raw emotion whether it be a win or a loss after a game is part of why I love my job. But another dynamic I appreciate almost just as much is the fans. Fans are a huge aspect of any sport. A team needs to feel supported by more than just their friends. Fans your job is pretty important too! So don’t ever feel underappreciated.

Getting all decked out in green and gold is never a question for me. I can’t imagine not being spirited and I love people who take the time to cover themselves in body paint and go crazy with the green and gold at any sporting event! But sometimes I feel that the spirit is lacking. Brockport where are you?! We have some of the best athletics in Division III. You should be proud to be a Golden Eagle and get out there and show it. Honestly, I think you could find sports uninteresting but still have a lot of fun at a game if you are with your friends and decked out in school spirit. Have a little eagle pride, please.

That’s not what I want to focus on though. My college, Brockport as you know now, has a very talented basketball team. Keyword there is TEAM. Not just one talented athlete on the team, but many. The depth to the team is very evident if you ever attend a game. The team will be competing in the NCAA Division III first round tomorrow. I’ve spent all week looking forward to tomorrow’s game, as I’m sure many others have!

But what did d3hoops.com have the nerve to post about these guys? They have dubbed Brockport the team most likely to disappoint. Why is that you ask? Because the player of the year for our conference is injured.

Wait, hasn’t he been injured for over a week? Hasn’t Brockport still had excellent showings on the court? Oh, that’s right. I seem to recall a championship being won last weekend. I have serious respect for said player, I could probably fan-girl for an entire paragraph but I won’t. Because guess what? He isn’t the only person on the TEAM!

What d3hoops.com forgot when they dubbed Brockport the “most likely to disappoint” was that a team bond is strong. Seeing one of your teammates’ career cut short due to injury is almost just as heartbreaking as it happening to you.

I’ve seen and heard nothing but the strongest support for this player from his team and I know they would rather he be on the court right a long side them. That being said, d3hoops.com: you’re wrong. The loss of one of the best players in the conference has given these guys someone/something to play for. It has given them a greater reason to win. These guys have heart. They have more to lose.

So d3hoops.com, I look forward to watching you have to eat your words this weekend and throughout the NCAA tournament, because Brockport basketball is not one to disappoint. You’d think they would have caught on to that by now, but they don’t get to witness what I do from the sidelines every weekend. Plus, after the showing of 2,000 fans last weekend, I know these guys know their fans will be there in full eagle pride. We back them 100%. It’s just a shame d3hoops.com doesn’t get to see that for themselves.


See y’all tomorrow night! Game starts at 7:30 p.m. You won’t want to miss out!




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    1. With all due respect, you must have not been watching the same game I was if the word “disappointing” is what you would use to describe it. A loss in a triple overtime is heartbreaking, but those guys did anything but disappoint. You can only ask that they leave their best on the court and they did just that.


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