It’s 2 a.m. and the bars have closed. You are a Brockport student and need a ride home. What do you do? You hop on the shuttle bus, or the “drunk bus” as everyone calls it.

We’ve all dealt with being left outside of Jimmy Z’s because the bus is too full. We’ve faced overcrowded buses with everyone aboard belting out whatever Christmas carol comes to mind or latest hit Miley has released.

 Majority of the time the ride is quite amusing and I want to sing right along with everyone else. You meet the craziest and kindest of people. The drunk bus is definitely never boring.

Well ladies and gentlemen, you can bid that adieu.

The bus won’t be driving by to pick you up this weekend or the next or for a while for that matter.

First let me note that the college chose to announce the cancelation on April 1. I can’t be the only student who thought it was a cruel April Fool’s joke. Who’s idea was it to send such an e-mail on such a day? You may want to reevaluate what you are doing with your life. Check the calendar next time you send an e-mail, just saying. 

But with that, Brockport the joke is on you.

If you choose to take a job driving a bus of college students from campus to Main Street on weekend nights, with more than one stop specifically being a bar, you should know what you are getting yourself into. I’m not making excuses for the awful behavior that occurs or the vandalism, but I lack a large amount of sympathy.

Shoot, I respect the fact that you have taken on such a job because I sure wouldn’t want it. I won’t feel bad though that you have to deal with drunken idiots.

Brockport has now left students with zero options for transportation home after a night out drinking. We don’t have a taxi service around here that anyone can just call and pay for a ride home. Many students live on campus, which is a mile walk home, let alone if you are unfortunate enough to live in the College Suites.

I feel sorry for those students who will now have to walk from College Suites to The Strand for the midnight movie or to grab a late night bite with friends. Not every student utilizes the shuttle because they are intoxicated. Some students just want a ride so they can feel SAFE!

Regardless of if I walk alone or with one or two other friends. At night when it is dark, if we were approached by a group of rowdy, drunk men, we wouldn’t stand a chance if they were set out to harass or potentially assault us

Don’t even get me started on the drunk driving. Students, adults, teens, don’t do it! I know it is still cold out. I know you don’t want to walk. It sucks. But don’t think you can drive to the bar and then drive home.

You’d think the college would care about its students. But it has shown during my time here that it doesn’t. It isn’t a transparent organization. Why weren’t we included in the decision? I’m paying for that transportation. So thanks Brockport for taking my money and leaving me without a ride. That’s cool.

How about instead of one bus that is overcrowded, you think about adding maybe two more buses? More frequent stops and more buses would lead to less students on a single bus, as well as less students left stranded at a designated stop because the bus is already filled.

Instead of taking preventative measures to help students have a ride home and avoid drunken driving incidents and public intoxication, the college has now chosen to remove itself from any liability. I wonder how many townies will be at the village board meeting next week complaining about the mass of drunken idiots who were causing tons of ruckus outside their houses over the weekend, because oh wait, they all had to walk home.

It truly is a shame when you pay money to attend an institution that doesn’t care about including the students in its decisions. I would have appreciated some sort of notice, or maybe an open discussion, about what was happening. I can’t see everything and neither can anyone else. I’ve never had a fight break out or a student use the emergency exit while on the drunk bus.

How about instead of canceling something and leaving us stranded, you think about taking preventative measures or start working on a solution prior to an unfortunate event occurring? 

But hey, that would make sense and mean you care, right?

I’d like to end with a huge shout out to that awesome kid, you know who you are, who is the ultimate reason for the drunk bus being gone. Congrats dude. If I wasn’t so nice I would put your name on blast right here. How dare you threaten the life of the bus driver? It’s pathetic that you felt the need to harass someone who is out there doing you a favor and providing you a safe way home. 

I hope you feel great, but maybe you should reevaluate your life too while you’re at it.


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  1. I have never taken the ‘drunk bus’ but how I heard it is this was a last resort. Bus drivers having their lives threatened, and kids jumping out of the back of the bus made it dangerous. With that I do admit this should have been handled differently and BSG should have gotten involved way before it got to this level.


    1. Also I was on the bus today and the bus driver seemed to think this wasn’t the right way to go about it either… so it’s not all the drivers doing.


      1. It isn’t the bus drivers doing nor is it BSG. It was the administration who made the decision and notified Transportation Services of the cancelation of the Route 3 service (which is the “drunk bus” other routes are not referred to as such). After attending the transportation advisory meeting last Friday, it was clear the administration does not care about including it’s students in the decisions that directly affect us or in the adverse affects it’s decisions will have on it’s students and the community, especially since a member of the administration didn’t even care to be present to listen to the discussion or answer any questions. Telling students to send an email is NOT going to fix this.


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