#drunkbusproblems … again

If the administration wanted to send a clearer message of “we don’t care about your safety”, well I don’t think they could have found a clearer way.  A press release, personal e-mail or message written in the sky wouldn’t have come across any clearer then the method they have chosen this time around. I almost feel like I’m facing déjà vu, minus the whole shouldn’t they learn from their mistakes? Ha, that wouldn’t make sense though, would it?

The administration not caring isn’t anything new to those of us here at Brockport. It pretty much is expected now that at some point they will do something to show just how much they don’t care. I never would have expected it so early on though.

These poor freshman have barely become acquainted with campus and their classes and boom, here’s a slap. Thanks for your money but we don’t actually care to try and keep you safe to the best of our ability. It’s a real shame.

I don’t know if I should feel sorry or consider you lucky if you haven’t fallen victim to a method of not caring by our administration. What’s to come is no surprise to those of us who are old hat to the admins not caring … but yet I’m still dumbfounded.

GOODBYE DRUNK BUS. Goodbye late night safety bus for the actual purpose of keeping you safe. Route 3 you have officially become a waste of my money and each and every student at Brockport who is paying their transportation fee.

Now, this time they didn’t cancel the bus all together at least. But it almost makes it worse.

Here is the breaking news my friends: You can only use the late night bus on the weekends if you have PROOF that you attended the midnight movie at The Strand.

Uhm, excuse me?? Did I hear that, read that, write that, right? Yes, I sure did.

The bus will now be operating less hours on the weekends and include a lovely bus monitor paid for by your local student government… I mean I’m no expert but I sure hope my student activity fee isn’t going toward a student to monitor those kind movie goers.

I can’t be the only student who feels the bus should be offered to ALL students. We are all paying the same fee. Why aren’t we all allowed to use the bus equally?

No students should have to walk home in freezing temperatures should they choose to go for a midnight snack with friends or a few drinks at the bar. It shouldn’t matter if you are intoxicated or sober. The shuttle service is a safety service.

In a village lacking a taxi service and other options of public transportation, the least you can do is offer a ride from the village to campus to aid in preventing drunk driving incidents.

They way I interpret this goes like this: It’s okay to walk home in the freezing temperatures, take a chance at your safety because it’s not the administration’s problem.

In case you forgot, your wonderful chief of police told us all last semester if you have one or two drinks you’re fine to just drive home… well your two drinks may effect me differently and that would sure put me over the legal limit.

And don’t forget your lovely VP saying it’s basically your own fault if you get raped or sexually assaulted on your walk home. And police chief saying you just shouldn’t walk alone. As if that would solve all sexual assault issues.

I’m disgusted. Disgusted that the administration finds this okay. Maybe I should start my own taxi service at this point?

To sum it up, you can’t use the bus unless you attended the midnight movie and have your ticket stub … I’m sensing some discrimination. You are all paying for this bus but can’t use it… hm…. If someone makes sense of this, let me know.




One thought on “#drunkbusproblems … again

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  1. I’m disgusted.
    I used to love Brockport, but this is so insane.
    Punishing college students who choose to party will not stop them from partying.
    Provide safety for your students! You know, the safety they’re paying for!
    Is there any way to change this?


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