“I Will End Your College Career”

When I explained to my dad the situation that was this weekend his response to me was quite humorous.

“I’m still trying to figure out why when your friend called you to tell you there was a riot, your first thought was to run straight there?”

Haha, thanks dad.

I’m not really sure where to start with the event that was our #brockportriot2014… I mean can we even call it a riot? No. It was more like a peaceful protest/block party mass gathering of basically everyone you ever met and had ever seen on campus or off campus.

Then again, you shut down the bars we shut down Main Street.

As a student journalist myself, I find it important to point out that it’s better to be factual than first. Watching the “riot” transform from over 1,000 people swarming the streets according to reports Sunday afternoon to the Chief of Police reporting around 300 people present as of the police conference yesterday… well that sure makes the event feel a little bit less significant.

Let me explain to you why this madness occurred.

Rocco’s is overcrowded, not inside like usual, but outside in the street. Suddenly Clinton St. is blocked and the police aren’t too happy about that. So here I am enjoying my night inside Rocco’s when suddenly the lights are flipped on at 1:05am and we are all funneled out into the street to join the crowd that was already there to begin with. Mind you this was happening at Merchants at the same time.

Uhm, insert mistake number one sign here. Why wouldn’t you just disperse the already existing crowd?

I depart to a friend’s house with her and her boyfriend. Majority of those at Rocco’s went straight for Main St. figuring they would just find a different bar to go spend the next 55 minutes until closing at.

Oops. Just kidding, the cops weren’t going to have that. So they close ALL of the bars on Main St.

Insert mistake number two sign here.

Am I to understand the cops literally just put every person inside a bar all onto Main St. at the EXACT same time and didn’t expect to have 300+ people in the street? I’m guessing someone forgot to fill out their risk management paperwork prior to that decision or even think with a bit of common sense.

Now social media is blowing up. Rumors of a stabbing are flying. There is a gang from Rochester in Brockport. Oh no. THERE IS NO ROUTE THREE/DRUNK BUS AKA ALTERNATIVE TRANSPORTATION BACK TO CAMPUS AVAILABLE. Not a single person has any clue what is going on. Why did my bar close? Did someone actually get stabbed? What is going on? Why are all these people outside? Was there a fight? Am I safe? Can I walk home? Woah, why are there so many cops?

I guarantee if you were at the “riot” you asked at least one question to yourself, your followers, your friends or if you were brave enough you asked a cop. If you asked a cop though he probably detained you for disorderly conduct. Feeling a bit bad for the girl in my class right now. We all just wanted some answers too girlfriend!

The cops put us into chaos, confusion and panic and failed to provide answers. When asking questions we were met with threats such as “I will end your college career” (I have that one on video, no worries). As cops started to draw weapons it put students on the defensive. Something must be happening that I don’t know about, that we don’t know about. What were we missing?

Cops from Ogden were informing students there was a stabbing at Merchants.

Insert mistake number pretty much like five at this point sign here.

How am I to feel safe walking home when I don’t know what is going on and those who are supposed to be protecting are adding to the confusion and hysteria??

No, I will not move along officer.

The police could have easily come over the loud speaker and said there was no stabbing and that it was safe to move along home. There. Done. No weapons needed.

Mind you I understand the need for so many officers. We all know if one kid had thrown a punch half the block would have been in on that fight. But the difference is we aren’t a bunch of violent college kids.

There was no violent act committed. No property was damaged. I think it’s important for these townies who hate us so much to keep in mind we didn’t disrespect their village. We just wanted the answers we deserved.

Yes, we could have moved along faster. But we aren’t solely to blame for what was the chaos of the weekend. I mean for crying out loud more arrests were made and tickets issued on Friday night than Saturday night/Sunday morning!

If anything, let’s all blame the Fisher kids that were in town. Haha, not let’s not do that. I’m only kidding.

But seriously. Mr. Officer you didn’t need to threaten anyone, you could be respectful. We don’t have a trust for you. This weekend didn’t help build a trust either. If anything you have built a further divide amongst you and the students. Students who make up majority of this village.

You want to threaten us with a dry village but every person with some common sense knows that won’t pass. Did you even consider the business owners who livelihoods you would be removing if you did that? The college you would be closing because students aren’t going to attend school in a village where alcohol is illegal for even those over the legal drinking age.

Don’t threaten us. We had plenty of that Sunday morning during our face off with you.

Understand that we have rights too. Let’s hope their isn’t a next time, but if there is, don’t feed into the rumors. Tell us the truth. Inform us of the situation. And students, don’t forget to keep on cheering “USA, USA, USA” because if that’s the harshest of our offenses, we must not be too shabby then, eh?


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  1. For you SUNY kids, the reasons townies hate you is because we can’t sleep. You guys don’t know right from wrong, simply because you came here to party. If you want to be ignorant and loud and act as if it’s your first time being drunk (like every weekend), then chant “USA,USA” at the bar, over your over played Katy Perry songs, not on your way home, where residents are already sleeping. I understand the homecoming celebration, but you kids act this ignorant every weekend like you just found out about binge drinking. Not to mention, on top of all your psychology majors and business majors, you act like fools. Chanting USA is honestly pathetic, conserning the state our country is in, and the wars going on in Syria. So keep on spending that financial aid money at Rocco’s, and act like its a first world problem you college alcoholics can’t drink for another 40 minutes. Every person deserved to be arrested. You should have went home, or to your jail cell dorm to think about your actions in this town.


    1. Wait so let me get this straight. You think that since there is a war in Syria a USA chant is out of line? That would make it more appropriate in a reasonable person’s mind. What part of any behavior displayed can be described by definition as ignorant. None. And as for us acting like its the first time we’ve gotten drunk. That is not the case whatsoever. We’re just young, full of energy, and want to enjoy our short four years in college. Because after that we’ll all be way in over our heads in debt because of the ridiculous prices of higher education in this country. Just because you lost sight of what its like to be young, living in a beautiful free country, and having fun doesn’t mean you should hate other people who are trying to enjoy the rough life that we all live. In other words, chill out man.

      p.s. Maybe if you talked to your local police about their crowd control methods instead of sitting here complaining about everything your life would be easier.


      1. Any town resident doesn’t have any say to our police just as much as the college students. If you don’t realize that this is happening everywhere with police (complete excessive control) like they were to the college students that night, then I don’t know why you are supporting the behaviors of the college students that night. In other essence, both sides were in the wrong.. The cops strategy to handle the situation, but you can tell it was just a think fast solution, like when you’re put on pressure. What really should have happened was letting the bars be at max limit, and get everyone off the street that couldn’t fit into the bar. I just wanted to let you know that my say is just as much as any college student here in New York, or most cases any state right now. Right now, all we have to look forward to is debt from education, and celebrating in this type of form towards the police isn’t going to necessarily help the situation for that night, or any future night in Brockport. But it’s not just Brockport. People think they need to get answers from
        Cops. They don’t care. So if people were waiting around to ask simply “Why did you take away the right from us to drink alcohol for another 40 minutes?” What is the point of trying to find out why? If alcohol was not involved, none of this would have been blown up in this proportion.


    1. And if you actually went to school you’d probably realize that professors don’t correct your papers before you hand them in. What would be the point of that. Come on use your head big guy.


    2. I’m not quite sure where to comment the things you said are so dumb its incredible. The point is the fact that our rights are being violated. And for what?? Your a townie. Tyle the townie… like who do you think you are… you live in Brockport, you make no real contributions to the world, and your saying that we are in the wrong for running the town we employ ? Without the students you wouldn’t even be able to live here tyler the townie. I respect that you live here all year long and that you have some dissidence to the students here, but you know what makes this country great? Realizing that when you came here maybe you could handle the town, and now you can’t, so work towards something that you should freely be able to work towards ( called your “pursuit of happiness” ) and move to a better place if this isn’t the area you wanna be. As for the dry town thing, we all know you, the townies, wouldn’t be able to put up with that. Your in the bars every night. So we know we don’t have to worry about that. Before reading the rest though, this comment is important because you just plain don’t get how to respect others, or yourself. The cops were not just in violation of our rights but yours as well. If you want to confide in abuse of power then have fun in the future, you’ll still be here to put up with it, the students however will have moved on with their lives.


  2. Tyler. First off, you live in a college town. Let me repeat that. A COLLEGE TOWN. Are you surprised kids come here to party? Honestly, like what do you expect? You can’t be that clueless. That’s like moving to Manhattan and saying “Oh my God, I can’t believe there is all this traffic.” If you can’t get your 8 hours then contact you real estate agent, buddy. Second, do you really not understand that if it wasn’t ‘us SUNY kids’ the majority of the businesses in Brockport would not exist? Please tell me that I’m wrong and that all of the current businesses and even more would be thriving without us. But really, at the end of the day this is just a transient phase for most of us as we will leave with our degrees and move on to bigger and better things. And you will be stuck here bitching every weekend night from September till May year after year because we are acting like normal college kids.

    No way am I gonna defend ALL the students, some are definitely idiots. But give me a break.


    1. Oh so you think that because there is a college in this town that everyone and everything in it should revolve and abide by the interest of the students? Who says that alcohol and college life should go hand in hand? Did you ever even stop and think “hey, maybe if I weren’t so drunk I’d be a little more understanding of the things that I’m doing and the impacts that they have.” Did you ever think that college and life in general could involve much more rational and logical thought without the use of alcohol? Have you ever considered how pathetic it is to get piss drunk, act ignorant, leave trash everywhere, and tell locals to “deal with it” just because your classes are too much for you to handle? I understand the attraction of wanting to get “fucked up” but if you kids can’t handle your booze then maybe you should get in contact with a rehab center. Just because you chose to go to college in a small town doesn’t make you and your fellow students bigger than the people who chose not to. While you guys are “fighting for you rights to drink” the locals are fighting for their rights to live in an environment that they want. This may be your temporary home for four years but some people chose to settle down here, for whatever reason. Go back to your home town and act the way you act here. The reaction from your local people won’t be any different. P.S. Don’t try to pull that “you don’t know what it’s like to be under this kind of stress” because I am a student at Brockport, and it honestly isn’t hard. Grow up.


      1. Once again I just wanna point out. WE ARE THE MONEY OF THIS TOWN, THE CANAL IS DEAD DUDE , grow the hell up, and wake up yes, yes and yes we have the damn right to do all these things, we employ you and keep you from being a Bergen or worse of a town since you don’t even have a major railway crossing. Stop being an ignorant citizen.

        Oh and I would love to see you try to say that isn’t true.

        -You’d have less cops, less shops, less bars if any, less money for people to spend (aka the students, which I don’t think you understand many come from vastly wealthier areas, with far greater money to spend on random things, from those vastly wealthier families, (Not meant to be an insult) ) , you’d have a hell of a lot of jobs missing that are all state employed through the college, too which those faculty also provide money, and if I felt the need to go on I would but the point should be clear, and the townies should understand their need to open their eyes and start respecting the students that live here providing housing income etc.

        Anyone whose been here in the summer can tell you that Brockport is strictly a college town, so don’t make the joke like you’ve made it as a townie and we are some cancer because that is the most ignorant thing that you could say.


  3. Well to be fair, you do go to brockport, most of you won’t be moving on to better things. Some great students do come from there, but not usually the ones who need to defend their right to party until 2 am.


  4. If any of you had a lick of sense youde ask any family and friends in law enforcement about what happened. I did. They planned this 3 weeks in advanced for revenue generation. 12 arrested but over 25 tickets written…just OUTSIDE the village…push people out the bar and where are the ones who drove gunna go?….home. BOOM instant dwi. You don’t get 31 out of town officers PLUS 9 village officers in the same place within 30 minutes unless you fill out the paperwork a head of time….there was NO stabbing. This was the cops plan for revenue generation right from the get go. Ya wanna blame someone? Blame them


  5. I have lived 10 minutes from Brockport my whole life, for someone who lives there to not realize after one year that it gets loud on main st, every single friday and saturday night, then you are an ignorant person. If you dont like it move. I dont go to brockport school, but i am out every weekend, and to be honest, whether or not school is in session, Brockport is still Brockport every night, with the drunk old people at cns, the townies usually filling up barbers, and youngins at stoneyard and roccos….

    But on a lighter not i enjoyed this article very much, I was out there Saturday and i was very surprised brockport police weren’t more aggressive. They are a bunch of hot-heads, who need to chill out.


  6. Not for nothing, we get the whole “drink your face off every weekend” thing. How about the part where my kids can’t sleep in the middle of the week, the people pissing in our yard (because they can’t wait 3 more minutes to get to their shi**y rental), the garbage we pick up every week before we have to mow our lawns, etc,etc,etc. All us “townies” ask for is a little respect while y’all are here. I get the “if you don’t like it, sell your house, move, blah, blah, blah” mentality. Some of us actually made the choice to live in this village for our children (school system, proximity to friends/activities, jobs as the kids get older, and so on). Nvm.


  7. I am a alumni of SUNY brockport. Not once did I act like that or would’ve ever thought of acting like that. I had my more than fair share of fun but I never put risk at anyone else’s hands so I could have fun. That’s what all those students did that night, standing on Main Street blocking any sort of access and chanting “you close our bar we close your Main Street”…. Pretty immature. None of you have even thought of what would’ve happened if there was an emergency and responders couldn’t get there on time because of your actions and say someone died. No it didn’t happen, and every single one of you is lucky that isn’t the case. Have you fun, but don’t put others at risk because you are selfish and don’t see that you don’t “run” this town. Don’t worry, we survive just fine over the summer without any of you.


    1. The College was here before you, it will be here after you. Townies are way more rude, ignorant, and obnoxious than the kids they insult on a regular basis. This is a College Town. That’s not going to change. If you don’t like it move. Brockport belongs to the students, they were here before you.


      1. Shows your exact ignorance and disrespect right there. You must be on drugs if you think “townies” are more rude, ignorant and obnoxious than the students – There are no fights, 75% less arrests, and a lot less accidents for the months of June-August. College isn’t about getting drunk every night, it’s about growing up and becoming an adult and getting yourself a good job, having fun in-between – not the opposite way around. Brockport doesn’t belong to the students, it belongs to the individuals who work there everyday, who pay the taxes and pay the law officials who work there…not any of you.


  8. The young students were just in the complete wrong that night. Which is why I’m arguing against your post because you support it. If every student was waiting around to really see if someone got “stabbed” how pathetic are your decisions? Even if it wasn’t 2 am. In reality, if someone got stabbed, 80% of the crowd would have got it on snapchat. If you really felt “unsafe” walking home, have fun walking by yourself when you’re out of college. There’s no way you should feel unsafe with 30+ cops on duty within a 5 mile radius. I’m just telling you guys to grow up. I’m in college too. But what is your frat/ sorority going to help you 5 years from now? It’s just an excuse to buy friends.


      1. Once again I have to reply after reading all this again, just to point out one last thing. THEY WERE VIOLATING OUR RIGHTS. Hey you know what that means, not just the STUDENTS but YOU as well! hahahaha
        Pick up a book on american history this weekend while we are drinking out at the bars and stay in and educate yourself on how the country was built and what rights we are suppose to have.

        Aside from the entire government having it’s own issues, this is something we can control as residents of this area, and the local government getting out of hand, but you would have no idea because you just wanna be a townie hating on college kids, and are probably a big fan of socialism and things getting handed to you for free as long as the government is taking care of you right…..

        For all the comments of what about if there had been an emergency somewhere? really as if the students wouldn’t move out of the way for an ambulance !!! HA comments like that make me sick with how much stupidity is there. We were out there defending our rights to be in bars that weren’t even over capacity, I was in Roccos as well. The cops were completely out of line and that call should cost who ever made it there job. They put more people in harms way by doing that, and it shows the demeanor of the cops in brockport to try and solve things without using there head.

        If that makes you feel safe at night, boy you got problems.


  9. 😒 Ugh I should have just put my name as “Tyler, the commuter to a community college who lives in Brockport and is a townie” Either way, treat us townies with respect. WE are the ones running the businesses around here, and it’s dry over the summer, but we still make it work. And half of these owners probably didn’t even attend college. Even if you tried to open a bar with your degree, it would probably be just as a mess as Rocco’s is.


  10. Just to finalize my opinions in this post,

    There are worse things happening in Brockport that SUNY students aren’t seeing. The town is trying to shut down the elderly community center, as a small example. Because it’s “unaffordable”??It’s not just us townies taking offense and getting angry at your actions, but the local revenue from the college kids drinking habits are not benefiting our town as Brockport. Our taxes and money are going to more important things obviously in the town like the Serc, a multiBILLION dollar project, for you bros to look more tool, and it is not going to services to help out the elderly in our OWN town that most grew up in, still work in, and even were part of our education system. Get a grip, and stop working up the cops and letting them get more money by arresting you for being ignorant. Spend your money more wisely, and maybe you’ll learn how to manage it when you’re out of college. Hopefully you have better control over your party habits too. So much for livin it up and paying for bills & being in debt, eh, eh?


  11. There are solutions other than telling the college kids to grow up or telling the townies to move. Especially because of the validity of both sides arguments. It’d be extremely helpful to have some real and deep discussion about many of the issues that were raised here. Discussions in which the goal isn’t to “win” or be “right” but to come to a real resolution. It would probably take more determination and empathy from the town seeing as the student body completely changes every few years, but it could be done. This conflict can be resolved, not easily, but it certainly doesn’t have to be a win-lose scenario.


  12. A wise drunk, Winston Churchill, once said, “I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober, and you will still be ugly.”

    Mr./Mrs. Joe Townie, please try to engage in some self-reflection before proclaiming absurd theories that aim to accuse young students leisure as the sole causation of your bitterness, struggle, and hardship. Break free of your Nancy.

    Go Bills.


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