Why a “Ruby Thing” is the Real Thing

Yes, I’m about to type out a blog in regards to my mother. Yes, I do fully understand that being her daughter it makes me bias. But being her daughter doesn’t mean I am any less educated or understanding when it comes to the realm of King George politics. No, this is not on behalf of her nor is it in any way, shape or form related to the Brabo Election Committee. The post below is 100% my own and I am probably going to end up with a phone call from Ruby in say…30 min…but I think it’s about time I put my thoughts out on the table.

Five reasons a “Ruby Thing” is the real thing:

  1. Ruby spends countless hours going door-to-door in King George speaking to members of the community each week – without fail. The purpose of this is to know her constituents, understand their pressing issues and also it ensures they know her as a person not just a Supervisor.
  1. It’s a FULL TIME job for Ruby. Mr. Sisson has openly on many occasions made it very clear to the residents of King George County that being the At-Large Supervisor is simply a hobby…a part-time gig. He said in 12 years he gave up 1500 nights. If that is supposed to be an impressive number, I’d recommend he try again.
  1. The King George Board of Supervisors is a non-partisan board…or at least it is supposed to be. Those seeking a seat don’t run on a party ticket. So why did Congressman Wittman and Delegate Ransone feel the need to stick their two-sense in and endorse a candidate? Shame on you. I believe there are more pressing issues in your districts and you’d think someone would have advised you to stay out of it. But then again, it’s King George politics; it was bound to get a little out of the norm eventually. I’ll be curious to see if Mr. Wittman sees a decline in support the next election…he claims to be related to Mr. Sisson…but Mr. Sisson is denying that claim all around. Hm.
  1. To the gentleman or woman who felt the need to create a Facebook account for the purpose of launching a smear campaign and paid for an advertisement in the newspaper… HAHA. It’s a shame cyber bullying exists in the world, let alone when it comes to grown adults. Ruby has expressed at no point any desire to seek a hire office. Her focus, her passion, is in King George County. Her dedication is to her constituents. Ms. Ransone could only be so lucky as to have Ruby as her challenger in the next election.
  1. Finally, Ruby is in constant communication with the residents of King George. She is the only Supervisor to hold quarterly Town Hall meetings. She has an active Facebook, Twitter and Instgram presence – more than all of the Supervisors combined. She publishes a monthly newsletter that anyone can receive via e-mail. If you call her with a problem today, I can guarantee within 48 hours she will either have the problem resolved or be well on her way to creating you a solution. If you are looking for someone you can depend on to represent the true interests of King George, then you know Ruby is the choice.

A “Ruby Thing” is the real thing and Ruby is the only choice you should be making on Tuesday, Nov. 3 when you head to the polls.


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