Day 2: Goodbye Apple

I have converted. It’s official. I now own my first Android. I feel no shame! I’m excited to report I have officially obtained a cellphone here in Korea (I went with the Samsung Galaxy Edge+ in case you were curious). Unlimited text, talk and data each month plus 300 international calling minutes – so if your plan would allow for an international call let me know. I’d be happy to give you a ring sometime! The phone even came with a free case, travel charger and screen protector. Took some getting used to but I am so excited to be rid of that stupid iPhone.

Today was the conclusion of round one in-processing. These past 2 days have consisted of many briefs, 2 vaccinations and more jet-lagged nights. I managed to get a good workout in last night and my first PRT session in Korea was this morning. Running in Korea will be an adjustment but nothing a little practice and a few miles won’t fix. I discovered the wonders of putting pineapple on your sandwich yesterday – HEAVEN. I wish I had more exciting things to share but seeing as I haven’t done much outside of the briefing room and hotel, life is a bit at a standstill.

Thanks to those who have downloaded Kakao Talk and have been sending me messages. I also added Whats App and the Facebook Messenger to my new phone so there’s no excuse for y’all to not keep in touch! Tomorrow I will be finally heading to my post. Prayers for safe travels and a smooth start to round 2 of in-processing are requested.

(Below: the field in the picture is where we conducted PRT – skyline is of Seoul)



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