Day 3: Barbed Wire

ROK-3.jpgWell folks, I knew it would happen. Just as I’m loading the bus this morning, getting ready to depart for Daegu, new orders came down and switched up my year. A new assignment, a new base – but guess what? It’s AWESOME. I couldn’t be more excited for the last minute change.

I said goodbye to Seoul this morning. It took a few hours on the bus to make it south to the base where I’ll be working for the next year. Way more traffic on the roads than I anticipated. Sorry to say nothing exciting happened while on the bus. Korea seems very mountainous (look forward to taking a few hikes) and not very colorful right now as we transition from winter to spring. Boy oh boy though. We get all these lectures in regards to the curfew that is in place here for us – 0100 to 0500 we have to be in our residence. I’ve heard stories of Soldiers being found in the barbed wire because they missed curfew and tried to sneak on base. But I didn’t quite imagine entering post to look so much like entering prison! Definitely not a barbed wired fence I’d ever want to be entangled in.

Post is small and farther outside the city than I would have preferred but I keep hearing that public transportation is well set up here so hopefully I’ll learn to navigate that pretty soon! I’ve been lodged in a hotel here on post until I manage to secure housing here. I hit the Commissary and was surprised to find such a minimal selection. Curious now what the grocery stores off post are like – fingers crossed they have a surplus of produce since it seems the Commissary hasn’t been getting its full shipment. The gym here was decent, no scale in sight so looks like I’ll have to buy my own, but not very busy and plenty of equipment options! Managed to get in a solid workout and begin implementing my new workout plan from my trainer.

Tomorrow will be the start of in-processing and then WEEKEND! Here’s to hoping I can finally sleep through the night.

(Pictured above: my final sunset in Seoul)


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