Day 4: House Hunter

Wow! Today was a packed full day of excitement that’s for sure. Woke up to my first rainy day in Korea (was bound to happen eventually I guess), but poor weather aside it was a good day. I managed to sleep until 6am before I jolted awake thanks to the jet lag, so looks like I’m making some progress.

Once I got into the work, I was guided over to the housing office. All housing on post was full occupancy meaning it was now time to house hunt off base if I wanted to live somewhere that wasn’t the hotel. Talk about nerve wracking. At this point I hadn’t left the base yet, let alone with a stranger. But I was passed off my the housing inspector to a realtor parked in a car outside the gate and off I went to look at apartments. Fingers crossed the language barrier wouldn’t be too great and that I could find some nice options.

The first apartment I looked at seemed kind of dingy. I wasn’t getting a this is your future home feel by any means – try attempting to explain that one to the realtor as she is in your face going ok why don’t you like? “Because this isn’t homey?” HAHA. But off to a second apartment we went. BOY OH BOY. I was sold. The area is a little farther than the first apartment, but 10 times infinity nicer. I don’t know what it was exactly but as I walked around I had this sense of ease, this could be home. I began picturing planting some flowers on the balcony, a reading nook in the office, playing my saxophone in the living room … it all came together nicely in my head AND its furnished. Talk about spoiling me.


Off to the realtors office we went to fill out the papers. As I am waiting for the papers to be filled out one of the realtors offers me some Korean coffee going on about how Americans love Korean coffee so much they send it back to their family in America – she was right about that, y’all need to get your hands on some of that coffee… SO GOOD. But from there she began giving me boiled eggs. I didn’t know what to think. But the eggs were good too I guess! 😛

The housing inspector will meet with myself and the realtor to inspect the apartment at the end of the month and looks like if all goes well I’ll be set to move in April 1! Living in a hotel for 6 months has me so antsy to have a place of my own finally 😀

During all this I finally had the chance to try some Korean food today – ate lunch with a friend at the Katusa Snack bar here on post(finally got my hands on some kimchi!) – as well as dinner off base at a Turkish Kebab restaurant which was good. Had the chance to explore post a little more today and get information for some upcoming trips. For any of you who don’t know, I LOVE LOVE LOVE cherry blossoms and am saddened when I miss seeing them bloom in DC. There just happens to be 3 upcoming trips all related to cherry blossoms so apologies in advance if your feed is swarmed with cherry blossom photos by next month!

Hope you all enjoy your St. Patricks Day festivities this weekend.


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