Day 6: Lazy Sunday

Titling these blogs in going to get interesting – don’t judge me to harshly if six weeks from now I have another “Lazy Sunday”! HAHA.

Yesterday myself and a friend of mine ventured to Daegu (3rd largest city in Korea and the closest city to my base)! Boy, what a fun adventure that turned out to be. I will say I spent most of the day completely overwhelmed as I tried diligently to absorb everything. There was just too much going on – far more than I am used to at least. DC is a quiet city in comparison to those like NYC. Daegu made me think of NYC. So many freaking people and the buildings are so tall – there was a complete world happening two, three, four stories up. If you forget to look up while you walk you will completely miss out, and if you look up while you walk I can guarantee a crazy Korean driver will hit you and feel no remorse.

I had to keep telling myself “pace yourself” – every store we went in I think I verbally gave an “ooooh” and an “ahhhhh” – I wanted to do some hard core shopping but then I remembered I have a year and plenty of more trips to Daegu ahead of me. Thankfully getting to Daegu wasn’t very difficult. It is one train stop over, about a 20 minute ride and only costs the equivalent of $2 to get there!

Exploring was great. Tried new foods, saw a bunch of new things – I’m definitely not in Virginia anymore – and it was all wonderful. I mean I can’t even put into words how exciting it all was for me. My poor friend though, I think I asked her about a solid 300 questions yesterday, even though I knew she wouldn’t have all the answers. I’m just a curious cat ya know?

Food is delicious here. I am having way too much fun trying everything I can but it’s extremely difficult while trying to balance my meal plan and workouts. Gains must be made but I must eat my way through Korea at the same time – check back in with me in a few weeks… I’ll let you know my training progress. HAHA. Yesterday I had the pleasure of trying a pastry that looked like a pancake but was the consistency of a sugar cookie and was filled with melted cream cheese mixed with maple syrup. Heaven I tell you. It tasted like heaven! (I also tried a bunch of awesome Korean dishes at dinner but I am sad to report I don’t remember what they were all called. They all tasted great though!)

The number of pet stores here is insane. Worse than that it broke my heart. I miss my dog more than words can even begin to explain. Hi Meeko!!! And seeing all of these puppies 6 to 8 weeks old in tiny boxes with no food or water and dirty pee pads…uh. I almost started crying in the store. So if any of you want a dog – Venmo me the money and I’ll bring you a dog on my next visit home. They are cheaper here anyways and then you can feel good about rescuing them from these terrible conditions. 😦 I know that’s counterproductive in the sense that if we are buying the dogs they will keep selling them but man oh man I just want to save them all. Don’t worry, mom. I won’t buy a dog for myself…just one for Meeko  😉


By the time we got on the train back to base we had walked 10 miles. Talk about being dead tired. It was completely worth it though. I look forward to going back!

As a result today was a lazy day – I warned you in the title. I went to the grocery store, got in a a workout, did my laundry and watched The Notebook. Read some pages in the book I’m currently reading and did my Bible time. Tomorrow is the third day of my weekend and I am not quite sure what that will entail. I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday. Until next time!




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