Day 11: Master Resilient

What a week. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun…or in this case in-processing.

If you’ve ever had to in-process in the military, you understand it can be a hassle. I’m sure there is a post somewhere in the world where the process makes sense, is completed with ease and doesn’t take forever. This post however, is not in Korea. I’d give it a few weeks before I’m 100% finished in-proccessing between the number of briefs, signatures, and the fact that the process is spread out over 3 different camps here. No worries though. It’s been a productive week, met a lot of people and I’m a master of RESILIENCY now. HAHA. I also am a master of the shuttle bus schedule.

Tuesday was my newcomer brief – basically anyone and everyone come and talk to all of the new people about what service they have to offer and then remind you that you must come to their office later for that fun signature you need. Lots of great info though. Then Wednesday and Thursday I had Master Resiliency Training (MRT). Great course – great instructor – just too long when you’re thinking of all the other things you need to be doing. But I definitely learned A LOT. I’ll be hunting to good stuff in my days.

Along the way I managed to get in a good workout every day this week – suck it Korean food. I will eat and make gains at the same time. 🙂 And trust me there was plenty of eating this week too. Yesterday in addition to the MRT course I had my housing brief to learn more about how the process works since I will be moving into my apartment next week. In so many ways Korea is advanced and yet it is expected that I pay my landlord in CASH for each month’s rent. 1 million won hand delivered. I don’t know about you but that seems very sketchy. And the only thing keeping track of if I paid or not is a piece of paper I am to maintain that he must sign. Lose the paper – you are SOL. No other paper trail or proof. I’ll be sure to pay him where a security camera is present since it seems the CCTV system here is really high-speed this way there is proof of payment on the big brother screen too. MUAHA.

That being said: ONLY ONE WEEK UNTIL I MOVE INTO MY HOUSE AND ALL MY STUFF IS DELIVERED AND NO MORE HOTEL ROOMS. Saying I’m excited is an understatement. Today was more in-processing and exploring other camps in the area (since we were there for signatures anyways). Met some more great people. Got in another good workout. You can see why I haven’t written all week – it’s kind of mundane when you settle into a routine. No worries. I had Korean BBQ for the first time in my life today and it was absolutely wonderful. It’s really starting to bug me that taking leftovers home is not a concept here in Korea. Because man, I always want to take the extra food with me.

Well, keep your fingers crossed that the weather is nice this weekend. I have another 3 day weekend ahead so hopefully another adventure will come to fruition. Stay safe and enjoy your holiday weekend everyone!

(Pictured below: the blossom trees are starting to bloom outside the lodge here – cellphone photo)



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