Day 28: My Job is Better than Your Job!

Holy freaking cow y’all. Where do the days go? I apologize for my extended absence for the world of blogging. I guess it means I’m doing something with my life, right? Well, I have been. I have been working.

Work work work. All I do is work work work…. and run. Apparently I do a lot of that now too.

At the beginning of the year I set the goal for myself to run 400 miles this year. A little steep but I wanted to really push myself toward something that would help me to improve upon a weakness. I have been with this new unit for exactly one week and have run a total of 21 miles with them. So yeah I think I’ll be reaching that goal after all. ๐Ÿ˜€ HAHA.

So to start, I finally bought a bike. A super awesome bike that I absolutely love and got a great deal on. I’m going to be a biking speed demon by the time I leave Korea. Also my trip to and from work went from 35 minutes to 9 minutes so yeah, this bike is basically the love of my life right now. BFFs for sure.

I started my job assignment and I AM LOVING IT. To the max. I honestly don’t know how I get so lucky with such great jobs (I mean I do know, it’s because all of you awesome people who pray for me. God truly has blessed me!) But man. JACKPOT on this job. I’m a workhorse working till the wee hours of the night but it’s ok because I enjoy what I am doing and better than that I am good at what I do. I get to learn so much every day and have a few training courses coming up this next month. I am excited about all the opportunity that exists within this unit and my job. So huge thanks for those who have been praying for me. I was nervous.

Off of that, I had been at my unit for not even 72 hours when they had roped me in to running a half marathon. Might I add my first ever half marathon, long runs are not part of my weekly routine. I’m not sure why or how but I said “Yes!” and Saturday I completed my first ever half marathon in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Dang do I feel accomplished. It feels great. You could say Shonda Rhimes has inspired me. Her year of yes has rubbed off onto me, but that’s ok. This #365daysofell is all about me and I’m going to keep pushing myself outside my comfort box and doing new things!

I’ve begun planning my trip to China for next month. I’m headed on a day trip with a friend this weekend. I’m going to a Korean baseball game this week. I’ve been doing crosswords and reading a new book. I’m all moved into my new apartment! I need to set up my guest room and office space still but pieces will come together in good time. I’ve been cooking in my kitchen every day. I even pulled the saxophone out last week. Things are great here. Mail is appreciated so please don’t hesitate to ask for my snail mail address should you wish to send a note! I promise to write back. ๐Ÿ™‚

week 4-12.jpg


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