Day 41: Adventure is good for the Seoul

Take a moment to picture this: A 5’2″ Caucasian woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes walking down a city street alone at 1130pm. She hails a cab…first one to no success as she is in Korea and the gentleman cabbie has no idea what she is saying because he doesn’t speak her language. Behind him pulls another cab. “Hotel Hamilton in Itaewon” she says. “YES YES” responds the cabbie. So she hops into the passenger seat and away they go…in the wrong direction away from the main road that leads directly to the hotel that is just 3km away. She starts to panic. The cabbie begins to use his phone to translate what he wishes to say to the woman. “Do you come to play?” the voice inside the phone says. *Panic sets in*

Needless to say that was the LONGEST ten minutes of my life as I panicked and pulled out my phone to utilize the Google Map in order to track where he was driving. What should have been a short 3km drive turned into a 15 minute ordeal and me getting out of the cab at the first red light stop and walking the remainder of the way. Never again will I take a cab alone here. What a way to end my last night in Seoul yesterday that’s for sure.

These past few weeks have just flown by. I spent the last 6 days in Seoul. Partial was for a training course, the weekend was for my own sake of adventure. I ate some wonderful food. Highly recommend Pizza Muzzo and The Flying Pan if you find yourself in Itaewon! The Trick Eye Museum is a MUST go to. I think it is by far one of the greatest times I have had since being here in Korea and probably one of my favorite museums of all time. It was such a blast.


(Pictured above: Banana Walnut French Toast – The Flying Pan)

I checked out one of the palaces. There were many women in the traditional Korean garb walking around. But get this, they were dressed up and at the palace to take selfies of themselves on their phones. Selfie sticks, cellphone tripods — they were everywhere but I only spotted one group with a professional photographer. The girls were quite sweet allowing anyone who asked to take photos with them. I managed to meet 2 kind young ladies who allowed me to photograph them with the beautiful back drop that was the palace garden. Get this though, I was departing the Korean History Museum that is there near the palace garden when 2 gentleman stopped me and asked if they could take a photo with me.

I believe my exact response was “With me? Why on Earth would you want to do that?” HAHA. Needless to say I was flattered as their response was because I was beautiful but still I am very taken aback. If you happen to find a photo of me floating around from the palace with a random pair of men that would be them, please share it.


I met some friends for dinner in Gangnam and then headed to Namsan Tower for the view of the city at night. I will say, the skyline view of Atlanta from the Jackson Street bridge still tops as my favorite. There is way too much smog and yellow dust to provide you a clear view of the city and with such a densely populated city the amount of light for such a small space takes a way a bit in my opinion. Worth the trip up though to say I went.

I had some de-motivating news come down this past week as I am now on a 3 week no running profile due to having over stressed my IT Band in my right leg. I took these last few days to just simply enjoy myself and eat what I wanted and not worry so much about being at the gym. Tomorrow I will head to work with my grocery list in hand so I can go back to meal preps and my gym schedule … no leg days and cardio besides biking for a few more weeks as I let my IT Band rest. Hoping to find some time this week to work on my apartment. Haven’t managed to continue settling in since that first weekend I moved in. Oops. My sunflowers have begun to sprout though! That was quite exciting to come home to.

Enjoy your Sunday folks.



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