DAY 52: Yes, Sir. I will be POTUS.

Yesterday, for lack of better words, was a crap day. There was no one thing that made it crappy, but I found myself ending the day knowing it wasn’t good. A lot of little things added up to just an all around no-good-hump-day.

As I was biking home I found myself questioning a lot of things about where I am in my life. Sadly, I wasn’t really questioning myself though, I was questioning God. Why had he put me in Korea? Why had he placed me in this job? Why couldn’t I have just stayed in DC living near my family with a job I LOVED? Not that I don’t love this job but yesterday I was questioning everything. The questions ran on and on until I made it home and fell onto my couch emotionally drained, defeated, and in tears.

Yesterday was a bad day.

I am not one to let the ailments of yesterday impact today but it was a hard feeling to shake going into work this morning. Around 10 a.m. my supervisor came into my office and with one look at me he goes “You look pissed, did I do something?” HAHA No no, sir. You did not but I need to just focus on my work right now, I don’t want to talk. That was my response. He is great at listening but also respecting your space.

The day went on and I managed to focus solely on work and found myself in a better mood by late afternoon. Today was a good day. Now, my supervisor has not known me long. As we have gotten to know one another over the last few weeks, I have only once mentioned any aspirations outside of the Army. In passing I made a comment about one day being Governor of Virginia if I could be so lucky, and that was that.

I believe very strongly that everything happens for a reason. There is no chance to things. God has a plan and I pray hard that he help me walk the path he has set before me. The one he sees for me. I also strongly believe that the dreams we have our placed in us from God and that he wouldn’t give us a dream he didn’t think we could bring to fruition. For as long as I can remember, I have known that I one day I will be President of the U-S-of-A! (Those close to me know that I also don’t agree with the concept of “I dream to be” or “want to be” … I WILL because I am a doer!)

That being said, before departing from work today I found myself in my supervisors office chit chatting when suddenly it was full mentor/life-lesson mode. As he was providing me some insight and advice, without even realizing it he gave me the exact words I was looking for the night before.

“LT, one day you will be Hillary Clinton*. You will be President of the United States….”

*No I don’t want to be Hillary, not a fan of hers quite frankly. But that is beside the point.

Without knowing my aspirations, the goals ahead of me. Without knowing what I had been upset about or what form of pep talk I needed…he had the words.

So, I just want to sum it all up with this. My point is not that one day you will be voting for me (though you will :D), it is that you should trust in God to show you the way. Though we may find ourselves questioning and sometimes not understanding, pay attention to the little things around you. If you are listening, he will show you. Or heck, he may even speak to you through someone else because undoubtedly so, that is what was happening today.

God bless.



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