My Open Letter, because I have something to say too

Dear readers,

Writing an “open” letter seems to be the trend as of late, so I figured I would go ahead and add my two-sense to the mix. You don’t have to agree, heck you don’t even have to share. But if you manage to stick with me to the end, I ask that you pass my words along to your friends and colleagues so that they may ponder them too.

Quite frankly I am disgusted. If you aren’t disgusted, you should probably stop reading right there because you aren’t going to be too happy with what I have to say. Some may call me a keyboard warrior…that’s fine. I firmly believe that writing is a good way to share your thoughts and help ignite change. You don’t have to agree.

I am disgusted that we live in a world where a man can rape a woman, be caught in the act, have two witnesses testify and yet be expected to serve less than a year in prison. It is plain wrong. I know many have weighed in their opinions on the matter and mine is not much different than most, but I am still dumfounded. We live in a world where we victimize survivors of sexual assault instead of helping them, instead of listening. We live in a world where people try to justify rape. I don’t care how good of a person you were yesterday…if you raped someone you are a bad person now…you did a bad thing, you should be punished. If your neighbor woke up and decided to shoot someone tomorrow, would you attempt to justify his ghastly actions? No. So why do others feel they can do so for that of a rapist?

On the same note, I am disgusted that we live in a world where a man who was entrusted by the people to hold the position of Judge in a court of law, can provide a ruling and the public reacts by wanting to oust him from his job. Why is it that America always wants to kick people out of their jobs when a controversial decision is made? People make mistakes.  People make tough calls every day. I highly doubt that Judge woke up and thought..’Today I will make the worst judgement call ever simply because I can’. He more than likely spent hours upon hours contemplating and will spend the rest of his life reflecting on this judgement. I do not believe for one second that he made his decision lightly. He did so with all the facts, we don’t have to agree or think his decision was right, but we should respect that he made a decision. If you do not like it, then I suggest you hit the books and begin your career toward becoming a Judge or Attorney, whatever you seek. But a petition to remove him from his job is childish. How can you expect anyone to do their job honestly, if they have to fear every decision they make may get them ousted if people simply don’t see eye-to-eye with them? You expect to be trusted when you go to work. Others deserve the same respect.

On another note, I am disgusted that I live in a world where 50 people can be shot and killed at a night club, on American soil, and yet simply because of their sexuality people exist that think it’s ok. There is no justified reason. It is gross. It is sad. I sit here wondering how many people attempted to intervene. I don’t care what your sexuality is. You should be able to feel safe. Whether you are pro-gun or anti-gun, pro-gay or anti-gay, rest assured you’re probably pro-human, pro-peace, pro-prosperity and kindness.

I don’t understand. Who are we to judge? ISIS claims responsibility, but quite frankly, the man who held the gun, opened fire and took so many lives is responsible. What are we doing to prevent this in the future? Why are we continually reactive and not proactive?

It is up to us to be proactive and create the world we wish to raise children in. If you are white, black, gay, straight, male, female… It does not matter who you identify as, it matters if you’re willing to find the courage to stand up for what you believe is right and be an actual doer as opposed to standing by and pointing fingers or complaining about what has already been done. 

If more people prayed every day, found kindness in their soul, expanded their faith and grew their relationship with the Lord, I firmly believe the world we live in would look a little different.

You affect the change. Let’s remember that with God all things are possible. It is His path we walk. Now let’s walk it together.


Yours truly,

Ms Brabo


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