Day 236: Extended Stay

Good morning my beautiful readers! I hope this morning finds you well, with coffee in hand and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Fall is easily my favorite time of the year. Typically there are bonfires and hard cider, tailgating and football, Halloween and Thanksgiving, the leaves changing and great weather for hiking. All reasons to fall in-love with fall! 🙂

Korea is a bit different, not that it isn’t great. Just take away the football, bonfires, hard cider, tailgating, Thanksgiving and quite frankly the colorful leaves of Western New York spoiled me and nothing will ever compare. I guess, take the fall out of fall and you have Korea. HAHA. I will say, I have no complaints that it is November and still above freezing temperatures. That is definitely a hit-or-miss in New York.

I know I have been absent from here for a few months. Honestly, I have just been too busy enjoying life or too exhausted from long days at work. I will be sure to catch you all up on my travels later as they most certainly deserve their own separate postings. I had the pleasure of spending Labor Day weekend in Osaka and Kyoto, Japan and then Columbus Day weekend in Hong Kong! Both excellent trips.

Work is good. Not great, not bad, but good. I am however fully enjoying my time in Korea. So much so that I extended. Yep, that’s right folks. You heard it here first. America, you are beautiful but I am not ready to be back on your soil for a good while longer. To my friends who are reading this and slightly angry/devastated/sad/disappointed/etc, I apologize but I just wasn’t ready to leave. March just seemed to soon. That being said, this #365daysofell just became #455daysofell. I hope you can understand. (This is where you send me a text using any emoji you wish and all will be forgiven, promise! xx)

I finally have a logo for Images By Ell. Took me long enough, right? I cannot wait to share with you all once the copyright is finalized! Let’s just say you know me and my love for flamingos, of course they were incorporated 😀 My trip for Thanksgiving is fully booked so be on the look out for the next grand adventure. My sister arrives next month. South Korea better watch out because we about to tear it uppppppp *dance party inserted here*!!! But seriously. Flights to Sydney have been booked. If any of you have suggestions for New Years in Sydney, talk to me in the comments. It is going to be a trip to remember, that is for sure.

In my world of fitness, things are on hold. I am not focused on being in the gym everyday right now, I eat out with my friends and enjoy dessert every once in a while. I am mindful of what I purchase at the grocery store and of my portions. Healthy eating is my lifestyle but for the time being goals have been set aside. I am not measuring myself and taking weekly progress photos right now. The more I became obsessed with challenge groups and the scale, the more self conscious I became and unbalanced I felt. The mental aspect can be incredibly tough, and still is most days. I am happy to be taking a break and just enjoying life for now. Hitting the gym 2 or 3 days a week or enjoying long runs instead of feeling the pressure to be there for 2 hours 6 days a week in addition to work, PT and having fun.

I am excited for what November has in store. My name is in the hat for a new job position (prayers please, what is meant to be will be), I have an upcoming field exercise we are preparing for and vacation at the end! 8 months down, 8 more to go.



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