Hurts so deep

I close my eyes

It will only be a moment

A moment until I find relief

Relief from the pain

The pain that exists every waking minute.


I have never known a pain like this

The kind that hurts all hours of the day

The kind you cannot make go away

It takes words to heal

Words you know are never coming.


Apology will not heal this pain

Because an apology does not bring you back

An apology does not give me the piece of my heart you hold on to

An apology does not take it back.


I close my eyes

In a moment the pain will cease.


I never wanted to know this pain

My soul aches deeply

I never want to cause this pain

Does your soul ache at all?


My eyes are closed

Opening them each day and remembering

That is the hardest part.


It is the kind that hurts.

Hurts so deep.

I close my eyes.



Am I free?


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