Hallo aus Deutschland!

Well guys, I made it. I survived my 2nd move abroad – so far at least. Boy is it hard not to compare everything to Korea. I think by now anyone that has met me is sick of my Korea stories (sorry, y’all). But GERMANY. How awesome is that? I live in Germany. The closest you get to home without actually being home for me. Having lived here as a child it has been exciting finding old familiarities and putting my limited German skills to good use.

I have successfully managed to sign a lease for a gorgeous apartment.

With the assistance of a friend’s father I have tracked down just the car for me – if the paperwork would ever come through. Stay tuned for that one 😉

I have made new friends who I have begun exploring with, I have drank German beer and eaten schnitzel.

My first weekend in country I managed to navigate the Flixbus north to Berlin to see some family which was much needed. After trekking backward around the world to get here – literally (Korea to Japan to Seattle to Baltimore to Germany -_-) – familiar faces were a welcomed site. It is weird how you can be gone for so long and yet everything feels normal. We ate breakfast, went to the Christopher Street Day parade in the pouring rain, we ate delicious food, biked for miles and ate well deserved ice cream  before an at home BBQ. It was hard to say goodbye but exciting knowing I have a few years ahead of weekend visits!

I haven’t started working yet but will be soon hopefully! I am excited to hit the ground running. My household items aren’t scheduled to arrive until September so this should be an interesting month. Pray for my sanity! I will be furniture shopping and slowly settling into my new space. The town I am living in is so cute. It is home to the tallest church in Germany with many delicious restaurants and shops. It will take some time getting used to the fact everything closes by 6 p.m. and is closed on Sunday, but at least here I can get a coffee before 10 a.m. HAHA. Theres a beautiful little river that goes through the city and large city square for farmers markets and festivals!

I think Germany and I will get along just fine. Bis dan!


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