Regensburg: Is this a gay bar?

When your household goods aren’t scheduled to arrive for a few more weeks, or months is some of our cases, or you live in the dreaded bachelor officer quarters on post – you most certainly don’t want to spend your weekend sitting around your apartment twiddling your thumbs. What do you do instead? You rally the group together for a night out in a new town and put me in charge of finding a hotel, food and a good bar of course 😉

With that in mind we selected the nearby city of Regensburg to explore – and when I say explore I more so mean eat, drink and sleep in for the weekend. We headed to Regensburg late in the afternoon Saturday after reservations were made. As usual I used to hunt down the perfect spot for us to stay. At 40 EUR a person, we stayed at the Alstadthotel Arch right downtown. We selected a triple room and breakfast was included.

Getting to Regensburg was an easy drive, finding parking a little more challenging but after a quick check-in it was time to get ready and head out for the night. We had selected a nice French restaurant known as Restaurant Orphee near by (top choice restaurant in Regensburg according to Lonely Planet). It did not disappoint. The restaurant was not only quaint and well decorated, but each of our meals was TO DIE FOR. I’m talking melt in your mouth with an excellent wine selection to pair with your food. The restaurant did not take reservations but finding a table on a Saturday night did not prove too difficult. I think we will all be returning in the coming months. Don’t worry Mom and Dad, I’ll be sure to bring you too.

We then wandered over to a nearby bar called KA5PER. The aesthetic was edgy. Cellar like bar down a flight of stairs and evidently a popular spot given the number of tables already marked off reserved for the night. However, about fifteen minutes into being there the music was turned up and the crowd quickly changed – heavy rock music and an older crowd was not how we were intending to enjoy our evening. We quickly finished our overpriced drinks and headed out.

From there we found an Irish Pub called Murphy’s Law. Once again we headed down a flight of stairs and into the cellphone service-less dungeon of a bar – but it was just the spot we were looking for. An array of beers and Jameson to choose from, we quickly selected a pitcher for the table. To put it into perspective our pitcher of beer for the table was the same price as my cocktail at KA5PER…this was much more my venue. However, it was now midnight and Cinderella was in much need of some music and a dance floor. So we headed upstairs and on out to what Google had so kindly recommended to us as the top local gay bar, Scala.



Now, rumor has it that it can be difficult – if not impossible – for Americans to be let into clubs in Regensburg. However, with only a short line ahead of us we managed to find our way in with no issue. A small cover fee of 6 EUR and a coat check later we were off to find drinks and the dance floor. The DJ kept the crowd moving with many 90’s and early hits of the 2000’s which did not disappoint.

A breakfast included in the hotel reservation is one of the first filters I am sure to apply when hunting down the best spot to stay and boy did our breakfast buffet not disappoint. Traditional German breakfast and some thrifty moves to acquire free champagne for our breakfast mimosas was exactly the way to start the morning after a fun night out. We ventured down to St. Peter’s Cathedral and down to the Danube river. There was an adorable Little Italy market set up nearby selling a delicious spread of cheeses and olives fresh from nearby vendors. While the trip was short, I am sure Regensburg is a city we will come to know quite well over the next few years. Until next weekend, Germany!





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