He won’t ever die.

Day One:

Do you have a green thumb? Share some gardening tips. Or some gardening mishaps!

I once bought a sunflower in a bag. My assumption was this was something that would be low maintenance. The sunflower in a bag would not require me to purchase a separate pot and would be fun to watch grow over time.

My sunflower in a bag was really just a bag of dirt with a few seeds attached in a small bag of their own. I purchased the aspiring sunflower from one of my favorite stores in South Korea – Art Box.

Now Art Box is not known for its array of plants or home gardening supplies. Think of it more as a catchall store. This is where you go to purchase stationary, small appliances for your kitchen or a gift box for a friend’s birthday present.

Art Box is probably not where people go to buy plants.

In my defense, the store is stocked with items that scream, “You need me because I’m adorable!” I was thinking of this as a new opportunity to branch out, adult, grow life, whatever insightful thought you want to think I had – the sunflower in a bag came home with me.

It seemed simple enough.

  • Plant seeds 1” below the surface of the dirt. Check.
  • Water daily. Check.
  • Ensure it is placed in an area that receives sunlight. Check.
  • Watch plant blossom into beautiful sunflower just in time for summer. No check.

You see, the directions were over simplified. At no point did it explain that eventually your plant would outgrow its bag. Eventually, you would have to pot the plant. (I should take it as a good sign that I managed to care for the plant well enough it required potting in the first place, right?)

Once I realized the plant was outgrowing the bag, I went down the street to another favorite store, similar to Art Box, called Daiso. I purchased a bag of soil and a pot. I promptly returned home to pot the plant.

I will never know what I did wrong. Maybe one of you green thumb, wizards would know had you been there to witness the debacle.

Day One-1
This is Frondz.

I filled the pot about half way with soil, cut open the bag and moved the sunflower with its current dirt over to the pot. I then proceeded to top it off with new soil. I watered the plant, ensuring it was stable and not sagging, and placed it back into a well-lit room.

The sunflower in a bag was dead within a week.

Dead I tell you!

All of my hard work, care, water, money … it did not prevail. I never was able to witness the sunflower come to full fruition.

Needless to say, I now have Frondz. He requires an occasional spritzing. He won’t ever need a pot. He won’t ever need soil. He won’t ever bloom. Chances are, he won’t ever die.




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