7 coupons I would gift my mother in a universe where oceans (& finances) weren’t a thing

Day Six:

What is your favorite Mother’s Day craft or recipe?

Given that I am not a mom, or even a god-mom, I have no personal experience in the receiving of Mother’s day gifts nor do I have any special traditions that I prefer to engage in on this special day revolving around being a mother. I don’t have a special meal I look forward to preparing on this day or having prepared for me. There is no crafty gift my 3rd grader made me that is still proudly displayed in the living room.

My journey in life hasn’t brought me there yet. But I pray it one day does.

I do however, have personal experience in celebrating the mom’s in my life – my grandmothers, my mother, women who have been there for me like a mother, my friends who are now becoming mothers. But, for the last seven mother’s days, I have been either states or an ocean away from all of the women I have the honor of celebrating on Mother’s Day.

Growing up, my favorite ‘crafty’ gift to give my mother was the infamous Coupon Book. You know, the one where you cut rectangles out of construction paper, bound them together either with yarn or staples in some fashion, and proceeded to give the gift of time throughout the remainder of the book.

  • Use this coupon for 1 hour of yard work.
  • Use this coupon for a foot massage.
  • Use this coupon for breakfast in bed.

You know the drill. I imagine mothers receive just as much joy in receiving and redeeming those little coupon books as we did giving them as children.

As we grow older, the outcome of those coupons would look a little different. They would probably be filled with items requiring more monetary value as we have grown to understand the challenges our parents face each day.

In honor of the Coupon Book and seven years apart on this special day, I’ve imagined the 7 dream coupons I would give my mother in a universe where oceans (and finances) weren’t a thing.

  1. Redeem this coupon for 1 round-trip airline ticket to the country of your choice.

  2. Redeem this coupon for 1 weekend dedicated to yard work.

  3. Redeem this coupon for an all expense paid weekend at the Thermal & Spa in Zurich; massages of your choice included.

  4. Redeem this coupon for a debt free life.

  5. Redeem this coupon for your very own custom built home on a beach or island of your choice.

  6. Redeem this coupon for an assistant signed to a 2-year contract.

  7. Redeem this coupon for a hug from your daughter; will fly across the world should distance still be a factor.

For my mothers and friends, I encourage you to share your favorite crafts and recipes as we prepare to celebrate the special women, biological or not, in our life who have helped shape us, mold us and raise us into the women we are today.


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