Hot Yoga: the ins & outs

Day Nine:

Have you ever tried hot yoga? What was your experience?

What do you do when your response to the writing prompt is simply, ‘no’?

‘NO’ does not ignite conversation. ‘NO’ does not inspire you to keep reading. A simple ‘no’ defeats the point of writing a blog regarding the day’s prompt.

However, I have never tried hot yoga and quite frankly I do not have a desire to do so. But so many others have and the beautiful thing about social media is we can easily tap into those experiences (or lack there of) to give them a voice on our platform.

After reading today’s prompt, I reached out through my social networks in hopes of gathering some insight into different experiences with hot yoga. What is this fad you speak of and am I missing out? Here is what I have concluded.

Hot yoga…

Is Relaxing. Is Challenging. Doesn’t sound fun. Requires lots of water. Is le dopiness. Is harder. Filled with sweat. Requires a towel. Is better warm. Will leave you sore. Sounds like yoga. Makes you uncomfortable. And is not a good idea if it’s below freezing outside.

I did also learn hot yoga has added benefits and provides you a connection between your mind and body. Many experience increased endurance and improved physical fitness (some would say even more so than lifting weights or extended cardio). Due to the heat, your muscles are more pliable, and while this can lead to over stretching and soreness, it also aids in improving flexibility, which will prevent injury in the long run.



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