I remember wanting a hamster.

Day Eleven:

The most disappointed I’ve ever been…

Imagine you are five or six years old and you have asked your parents for a pet hamster for your upcoming birthday. The only thing in the whole wide world that you want is that hamster. The roller skates, the Barbie doll or the kitchen play set are not going to cut it.

You’re a young child so your reality is certainly skewed. You just know that mom and dad are going to get you that hamster. There is no way they wouldn’t. You told them what you wanted so clearly that is the only answer.

The day has arrived. It’s your birthday! You go to school filled with anticipation knowing your hamster will be waiting for you when you get home.

You just know it.

The day is such a blur of excitement that you don’t even remember who picked you up from school that day. But one moment, one precise moment, remains crystal clear – as if you were still watching it all happen right before your eyes.

The door to your bright yellow bathroom opens up.

“You need all of THIS for a hamster?!” you exclaim.

This. This right here is the exact moment you will remember for the rest of your life as the most disappointed you have ever been.

 “No, it’s for a cat,” explained your father.

What was sitting in that room was a litter box, cat litter, toys, food bowl and grooming supplies, all purchased so I could go to the pet store and pick out any kitten I would like. I don’t remember picking Princess.  I don’t remember what the other kittens looked like or even how many there were.

I remember watching a snake eat a mouse at the pet store.

I remember wanting a hamster.


In loving memory of Princess 1998-2009


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