No Pepsi drinkers allowed.

Day Fourteen:

What is your favorite memory of your mom, or your favorite thing about being a mom?

Have you ever been mistaken for your mother?

I have. On more than one occasion someone within our community genuinely thought I was Ruby.

Once, when signing my sister out from school, the front desk secretary provided me the sticker badge with my destination annotated so any hall monitor would know I had permission to be in the school.

These stickers had a black and white photo identical to the one on your driver’s license. After you had provided your license the first visit, it would remain in the system so you wouldn’t have to be registered again. Both my mom and I were frequent flyers be it to visit, drop things off or pick-up my sister.

My mother’s face was on my sticker that day.

Another time when checking out books from the library, the librarian asked me how my daughter was doing.

She was referring to my younger sister, Clara.

In some ways, it would frustrate me. Thoughts such as, “Do you need glasses? Clearly I am not 25 years older than I am.” would run through my head. I certainly don’t believe I look 25 years older than my age. I’ve come to see at is looking at my mom is a peak into my future to some degree.

Mamma bear certainly does not look her age and most women in their late 40’s aren’t running half marathons, mountain biking and kayaking regularly. My mom is.

My mom is what I call a boss lady. To pinpoint one memory, one single moment, as my favorite is entirely an impossible task. You are asking too much.

However, as the weather warms and the daylight lasts longer, I find myself thinking about my mother and her love for Coca-Cola. For better or worse, she passed that right on down to me.

In the hot summer months we were fortunate enough to typically have many pool days scattered throughout the summer (though if you ask my mom she would tell you there weren’t nearly enough). One thing I will always associate with a pool day is a Coca-Cola ICEE. Each time, on our way home, baked from the sun and smelling of sunscreen and chlorine, we would stop at either 7-11 or Burger King for our refreshing treat.

Mom prefers her Coca-Cola flavored with vanilla. You can imagine the heartbreak in our household when it was temporarily discontinued. Have no fear! Mamma bear is here!

You see, we had a SodaStream machine that allowed us to make our own sodas right at home. My clever mother would drive over to the local café every so often to purchase a bottle of their vanilla syrup and make us our very own vanilla cokes right at home.

Can you say spoiled?

Every time I swing by to grab a Coca-Cola on a hot summer day or after a stressful afternoon, I think of my mother. Every time I go to the pool or see the syrup in the café, I think of my mom. But hey, don’t worry. Coca-Cola in Europe is made with pure cane sugar, so that’s healthier than that high fructose corn syrup y’all Americans are drinking right?


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