What is family night?

Day Nineteen:

What does your family do on family night?

It’s kind of weird for me to even think about family night. For me, family night has an ever-changing appearance. It no longer looks like what I remember it as.

Don’t get me wrong, family night is what you make it and if I was living near my parents and extended family, I’m sure the definition of family night would have come to form something new with them, but I don’t, and it hasn’t.

Family night for me is memories of Survivor every Thursday night (or Wednesday when it switched over). Family night is eating dinner together at the dining room table – typically prepared by mom but if dad cooked it was likely a stir-fry. When the weather was nice we would eat outside on the patio.

Family night is game night. Family night is getting a little dressed up and going to town for dinner and a movie. Family night is trips to Maryland for a Dairy Queen Blizzard. Family night usually required a walk around the neighborhood whether us kids wanted to or not. Family night includes brownie sundaes – if you baked the brownies you got the batter bowl.

I am blessed that my childhood includes so many variations of family night. Family dinners weren’t a special occasion. They were a typical Tuesday. Time together as a family of four, though at times difficult to coordinate with our different work and activity schedules, was frequent.

In all honestly I don’t know what my family does on family night anymore. Quite frankly it probably doesn’t exist.

But, I imagine a family night with mom would include game night, a brownie sundae and going for a walk. Family night with dad would likely include dinner and a movie (at home or out in town).

Right now though, family night for me is every Wednesday’s Korean dinner with my makeshift family here. It’s community. It’s dolset bibimbap with all of the pickled radish left in stock that night and three orders of teriyaki dumplings. That’s what my family does on family night.


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