Earmuffs On: Creating a less than culture

He knew the words that were about to exit his mouth could be offensive AND not appropriate, but he CHOSE to say them anyways.


Will Work for Food

The Government Shutdown, while rumored will be short, still has immediate impacts on our service members. If Social Security and Air Force One will remain unaffected, then deployment pay for guys and girls down range should too.

Make it Sparkle

Earlier this year I was told to 'make it sparkle' when writing a speech for a commanding officer by a male peer. Last year I had a male officer, senior ranking, grab me by my dress uniform jacket right at the chest at a military ball and angrily request to know if I wanted to attend ranger school - he continued to inform me 'vaginas are ruining the institution'. I work in a profession, that compared to most, is leaps and bounds ahead in terms of equality - but needless to say, sexism still exists.

Day 2: Goodbye Apple

I have converted. It's official. I now own my first Android. I feel no shame! I'm excited to report I have officially obtained a cellphone here in Korea (I went with the Samsung Galaxy Edge+ in case you were curious). Unlimited text, talk and data each month plus 300 international calling minutes - so if... Continue Reading →

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