Hurts so deep

I close my eyes It will only be a moment A moment until I find relief Relief from the pain The pain that exists every waking minute.   I have never known a pain like this The kind that hurts all hours of the day The kind you cannot make go away It takes words to... Continue Reading →


How the WORST spring break became the BEST spring break ever

It’s three days before spring break. The countdown app on my sleek iPhone is sure to remind me each day that I’m just one step closer to being parked in the sand with a Corona. I just have to make it through midterms week … but that wasn’t too hard seeing as how I didn’t... Continue Reading →

Cookie Guilt

Last week I was sitting on my bed watching television, taking a second to relax and de-stress before I would begin studying for my upcoming Spanish test. I decided I wanted a snack, so I went into my kitchen and grabbed the package of Chips Ahoy! cookies I had recently purchased. I settled back into catching... Continue Reading →

All Of Me

Everyone has fears.  There are the common ones like public speaking, spiders, sharks and death.  Then there are the less common ones like falling on your face (that’s me!) and things like swimming or maybe even driving.  Regardless, it is natural to be fearful of many things.  Lately I have felt fearful of the future... Continue Reading →

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